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​BLISS produced by syisyu
BLISS produced by syisyu
Beauty salon (nail, eyelash, beauty treatment)
Osaka, Japan / 2019.05
1F : 66.6m2, 2F :66.6m2
Bliss 25-2
Bliss 25-9
Bliss 25-7
Bliss 25-11
Bliss 25-14
Bliss 25-18
Bliss 25-22

大阪の閑静な住宅街にある2層に分かれた店舗「BLISS produced by syisyu」は、ネイル・アイラッシュ・エステを行うトータルビューティーサロン。関西に7店舗・ハワイに1店舗展開するサロン「SyiSyu」の姉妹店になる。





“BLISS produced by syisyu”, a total beauty salon with nail and eyelash, is opened in a quiet residential area in Osaka.  This is a sister store of “SyiSyu”, which has 7 stores in Kansai area and 1 in Hawaii.


Concept is “classic and elegant space for female guest, where can forget daily life”.


For facade, fantasy and gentle feeling is created by original brick design graphic on window, which are different from a cold impression of concrete structure.  All interiors including 5 private rooms are designed with key colors of white, gold, beige and pink, a simple and relax atmosphere gives high expectations of beauty and raise the guest up while whisked her away from daily life.


2019.08.06 retail design blog.JPG

retail design blog / 2019.8

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