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ほぐし処 極
Hogushidokoro - Kiwami
Relaxation salon 
Osaka, Japan / 2016.04
ほぐし処 極-1
ほぐし処 極-2
ほぐし処 極-3
ほぐし処 極-5
ほぐし処 極-4




The relaxation salon is located underneath the elevated railway tracks, where many inhabitants are used as a commuter town

of Osaka, Japan.


For the design, “Simple × WA (Japanese style)” is requested by the client.


Eye-catching and impacts are needed to the facade because of a large outer wall, size of 7m × 5m.

Therefore, inspired by pressing the "acupressure point" of the wall, pushing arch roof tiles which is a typical material of “WA”.

In the evening, soft and characteristic shades created by the arch roof tiles will greet guests warmly.


retail design blog / 2016.5

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