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​一風騎士 本店
Ippuukishi main shop
Tokyo, Japan / 2019.09
BF : 43.3m2
一風騎士 本店-1
一風騎士 本店-2
一風騎士 本店-3
一風騎士 本店-4
一風騎士 本店-6
一風騎士 本店-5
一風騎士 本店-7











“IPPUUKISHI”, secondhand luxury products stores around Tokyo.

This is a renovation project of façade and basement of main store in Shinjyuku, Tokyo.


For façade, eye-catching design with luxury and elegance, as well as poppy taste is needed to differentiate it from others.

On the upper façade, coating material with 8 colors including corporate color green is used to bring a dynamic coloration, which is difficult materials to prevent from graffiti, and thanks to its mirror texture, lively city is reflected in the façade as the building is also lively.

Basement is bag & jewelry floor. Ceiling mirror is used to reduce the feeling of oppression from low ceiling height of 2200mm.

Its reflection gives an accent to the space.  

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