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​一風騎士 大阪本店
Ippuukishi Osaka
Osaka, Japan / 2018.12
1F : 95.0m2, 2F :95.0m2
一風騎士 大阪本店-1
一風騎士 大阪本店-2
一風騎士 大阪本店-3
一風騎士 大阪本店-4
一風騎士 大阪本店-5
一風騎士 大阪本店-6
一風騎士 大阪本店-7
一風騎士 大阪本店-8
一風騎士 大阪本店-9
一風騎士 大阪本店-10
一風騎士 大阪本店-11
一風騎士 大阪本店-12











 “IPPUUKISHI”, secondhand luxury watch stores, is opened a new store in Osaka as its secondary branch in the city.

Located at the main shopping street called “Shinsaibashi shoutengai”, where is visited by many tourists from home

and abroad.


Champagne gold panel on upper façade helps to express the store's concept “Luxury & Elegant”, also its mountain

shape helps people's attention to the 2nd floor where 5 showcases on the window side are saw from its gap.


This simple panels appear on everywhere like wall, furniture etc., give a feeling of uniformity to the space for comfortability.


Meeting area at the 2nd floor is a luxurious space where you can relax with museum–like atmosphere.


2019.02.11 retail design blog.JPG

retail design blog / 2019.2

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