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​一風騎士 心斎橋店
Ippuukishi Sinsaibashi
Osaka, Japan / 2016.11
1F : 115.0m2, 2F : 115.0m2
一風騎士 心斎橋店-1
一風騎士 心斎橋店-2
一風騎士 心斎橋店-3
一風騎士 心斎橋店-4
一風騎士 心斎橋店-5
一風騎士 心斎橋店-6
一風騎士 心斎橋店-7









 “IPPUUKISHI”, secondhand luxury products stores around Tokyo, now launched in Osaka.  Located at the main shopping street called “Shinsaibashi shoutengai”, where is visited by many tourists from home and abroad, the best place for their first operation in Osaka.


Their demands are, simple but great impact for façade, white-based image for bags area on 1st floor, black-based image for watches and jewelries on 2nd floor.


Because the narrow storefront of 4 meters, set back the entrance to a maximum extent, set inside lighting type signboards at a slant on both sides, to attract pedestrian’s attention.  At the front, colored-glass wall with corporate color green make the facade glamorous and “WOW”.


Simply designed floors bring out products, together with utilized existing chandelier give the space elegance image.


Media coverage

retail design blog / 2017.5

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