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レストラン名「KALOS OCEAN(カロス オーシャン)」は、ギリシャ語と英語の造語で意味は「美しい海」。その美しい海の海面を一部店内に取り込むイメージで、厚さ0.1mmの真鍮板を手作業で曲げ、クリア塗装を施し、天井に貼り合せた。天気の良い日には、海面に反射した光が、真鍮の“海面”に反射し、レストランに降り注ぐ。内と外の境界線が曖昧になるような幻想的でドラマティックな空間となった。



A new resort hotel “EPICHARIS” is now opened at Shinwakanoura in Wakayama city, on the concept of “offering a dreamlike time and location as a resort in Greece, experience of open your body and heart, take you away from daily life”.  It is a five-story building made of reinforced concrete based around the color white, all 28 guest rooms provide a panoramic view of sea at Wakanoura.


Our corresponding area is a restaurant at the hotel.

To fully utilizing its location on the coast, we planned to add some originality based on white coloring as its Greece resort concept.


The name of restaurant “KALOS OCEAN” is coined word of Greek and English means beautiful ocean.  Brass plates with a thickness of 0.1mm are bended by hand and finished by clear coating, put it on the ceiling to express beautiful sparkling ocean at the restaurant.  In clear weather, the ocean reflected the sunshine, then the reflected light shines “the brass plates ocean”, illuminates the restaurant.  A fantastic and dramatic atmosphere is created by the reflection and also feel like being outside along the coast.


In private room, tables for maximum 8 people and a big mantelpiece are placed.  Thanks to the LED candle lights at eye level together with the electric fireplace, this candle room take the guests away from a daily life, and give them a healing space.


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