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​きっしゃん 永楽町 松
Kissyan Eirakucho Matsu
Japanese grilled meat restaurant
Osaka, Japan / 2020.04
Photographer: Yasunori Shimomura
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-1
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-2
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-3
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-4
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-5
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-7
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-8
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-9
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-10
きっしゃん 永楽町 松-6

日本を代表する高級歓楽街、大阪・北新地に新たに誕生した焼肉割烹「きっしゃん 永楽町 松」。















Japanese grilled meat restaurant “Kissyan Eirakucho Matsu” is newly opened in Kitashinchi, where Japan’s famous exclusive entertainment district in Osaka.


Existing building was completed in 1998, it was designed a cityscape of middle of Edo period of Kitashinchi in a modern way, feature eaves came from a comb of traditional Japanese Coiffure.


I set a goal to remain this existing façade and develop it by fusion between Japanese tradition and contemporary value.


At first, original landscape is newly painted by grading colors as like dyeing Washi paper, the existing façade reborn together with a moss garden as a new landmark matched with this historical area.


Corridor is surrounded by silver wall paper with frames of Japanese cypress. This frame’s continuous vertical lines make a guest feel comfortable and raise his expectation, and thanks to its vertical lines, no one will notice its low ceiling. And more, the frames are used for handles of sliding doors of 4 private rooms, which are designed by 4 seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.


At the end of the corridor, a pine tree relief made of tin caught one’s eye. This is a representation of “Noh” stage, a Japanese traditional theatrical arts. A guest can enjoy live kitchen at this counter seats area as if he is an audience of “Noh” stage.


When you enter the restaurant, dramatic space spreads out.


2021           イタリア A' Design Award & Competition

                        Interior Space and Exhibition Design 部門 

                        Iron award 受賞



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